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Industrialization is one of the important foundation stone for the development of a country. It has become a global phenomenon and has emerged as one of the major economic activities of a common indicator of development. For the sustainability and continued development of industrialization, it is essential to have increased production and enhanced productivity. Safe work and work place is the complementary base for increased production and enhanced productivity. With the vision of developing promotion and protection of safe work and workplace as the complementary fundamental aspect of any industrial occupation, Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor and Employment established the Occupational Safety and Health Project in 1996 A.D. Government of Nepal split the former Department of Labor & Employment in two departments are is Department of Foreign Employment Promotion and another is Department of Labor in 2009 A.D. After this, Government of Nepal brought Occupational Safety and Health Project under Department of Labor as separate organization structure.

Industrial occupation enhances the economic prosperity of the people and the country by generating broader employment opportunities. But at the same time these industries may create unsafe work and unsafe work environment because of the inherent sources of hazards present in their material, process, technologies or products. These inherent sources of hazards in one hand may pose the risk of accidents and diseases to the people within the industrial premises whereas in the other to general public in the vicinity and the environment in large.

The Occupational Safety and Health Project with due regards to the extent and depth of the OSH concept, has been working at the national level for managing and improving the works being accomplished/going to be accomplished in the field of occupational safety and health. The project is working in developing the concept of promotion and protection of workers' safety and health at work and workplace country wide. 


The project has an office building with library, a training hall, a conference hall, a well-equipped health laboratory, a well-equipped chemical analysis laboratory and mechanical exhibition laboratory. The library contains basic training, information and reference resources on occupational safety and health. The project is capable of collecting samples of most of the hazardous chemicals prevalent in industries in Nepal and analyzing them in laboratory it possesses. The project is also well equipped with all the training accessories.